Friday, August 22, 2008

Kaylee kneeboarding

Kaylee kneeboarding from Kristin Rigby on Vimeo.

Yeah!! We finally figured out how to get this video uploaded. It's a long story and I won't bore you with it. Anyway, here is our big girl getting up on the knneboard all by herself. Try to ignore the annoying mom in the background (Oh yeah! that was me.)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lake Powell Trip

We LOVE Lake Powell! We have so much fun...boating, swimming, fishing, tubing, surfing, and camping. Kaylee thinks everyone should live there and has decided that she is going to live there when she is a grown-up. She loves jumping off of the boat into the water. We are teaching her to ski. She is such a trooper...she is trying so hard. She has gotten up on the knee board all by herself. She's our little dare devil. I have found my new, favorite activity...surfing. It is so much fun and doesn't hurt when you crash. All of you who have wakeboarded understand. I bite it A LOT when wakeboarding. It's not pretty and it hurts like no other. Brad is , of course, good at everything. My favorite is when he surfs with the kids. I will upload a pic as soon as I get one. He surfs with them between his legs. Kaylee loves it and I think we have convinced Chase that he likes it. This past trip we took Max. He had a blast running free and swimming. Every time the kids jumped in, he wanted to jump in and swim with them. It is so beautiful there. We have so many wonderful family memories from Lake Powell already. We've been blessed with some great family vacations!!!

Kid's first 1k

On the 4th of July, I ran a 5k and decided to register the kid's for a 1k. Brad even ran the 1k with Chase. We weren't sure if Brad was going to make it, but Chase got him through it. We all had so much fun. Mimi and Aunt Helen were able to be there for the special day too. I'm not sure if they were more excited about the medal or the popsicle at the end.

Chase's Curls

For those of you who haven't seen Chase in a while, here's a couple cute pics of his curls before he got a haircut. His ringlets were soooo cute! The 2nd pic is him with his prechool teachers. The last pic is him in his baseball uniform. He loved baseball, and it was a great place for him to get his little boy aggression out.

First Time Blogger

Brad and I have to give a big THANKS!! to Whitney. She got us set up with our first blog page, and I think that I am already addicted. Now I just have to get my family and friends back East addicted. Give me a little time to get everything perfected, but I'm excited.